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UN global Road Safety Week

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The Second UN Global Road Safety Week took place 6-12 May 2013. This year's edition was dedicated to pedestrian safety.


Requested by the UN General Assembly, the Week aimed to draw attention to the urgent need to better protect pedestrians worldwide.

In conjunction with local WHO office the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society organized a series of public events in Baku to raise awareness of pedestrian safety. Volunteers and staff marched in the centre of the city using visual materials from the Second United Nations Road Safety Week. They distributed reflectors and WHO posters on pedestrian safety. There was also a flash mob in which the participants used cardboard cut outs of pedestrians to make their point.

Personal accounts from survivors of road traffic accidents

The march ended in a recreational area in the centre of the city that is very popular among adults and children. The flash mob was repeated there and followed by an information session using campaign materials for cyclists and roller-bladers. The march attracted a great deal of attention from passers by of all ages and many stopped to ask for more information and chat with the volunteers. Importantly, some of the volunteers were survivors of road traffic accidents who could tell their own personal stories. A video was made for the Long Short Walk campaign to reach a wider audience.


Activities implemented by Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society (AzRC)linked to the Second UN Global Road Safety Week “Pedestrian Safety”

Health and Care Department of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society together with volunteers of the Society and in collaboration with organizations such as child and youth network “Peace”, child village “SOS” within the framework of the Second UN Global Road Safety Week conducted series of events among population of Baku with purpose of raising awareness to the problem of pedestrian safety

  1. Seminars dedicated to the rules of the road in organizations working with children and youth.
  2. Distribution of WHO posters on pedestrian safety and reflectors by volunteers of AzRC
  3. Flash mob with materials imitating pedestrians
  4. Production of video clip for Long Short Walk campaign

50 Volunteers and staff of the AzRCS with purpose of raising awareness to the problem of pedestrian safety conducted march event showing flash mob and attracting attention of drivers as well as pedestrians using Second UN Global Road Safety Week materials (posters, imitators of pedestrians) on the several central streets and pedestrian areas (bus stops, subways, sidewalks) of the central part of Baku. The volunteers who happened to be victims of traffic accidents participated in the campaign.

AzRC volunteers also distributed posters among population in other places of the city, the biggest part was placed on cars in parking areas.

The march finished on one of the central areas of the city (Fizuli park), which is recreational place for children and adults. The flash mob using pedestrian imitators was also organized there and then volunteers conducted information session using campaign materials for the cycling and rollerblading children.

At the end of march the victims of traffic accidents expressed gratitude to AzRC for organization of the event. The march attracted greet interest from the passers. People of all ages were approaching and requesting information about the campaign. Volunteers used this opportunity to discuss with them pedestrian safety. All people who were attracted with the campaign expressed gratitude for organization of such kind of events emphasizing the importance of used illustrative materials for the awareness of the people.

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